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If I can help someone as I pass along,

my living will not be in vain.

Marriage counseling

Believe in hope

We offer counseling for:

Having troubles in your marriage? New Directions Counseling is here to help you. We provide you with the services you need to fix a troubled marriage or even family issues. Contact us TODAY at our Springfield, OH or Dublin, OH offices.

• Depression

• Anxiety

• Marriage

• Family

• Adolescent behavioral

• Individual

Counseling for your adolescent

New Directions Counseling offers counseling services for adolescents. Whether they are suffering from an eating disorder, depression, anxiety, or other issues like gender identity, we can help them overcome their problems. If your adolescent is showing any signs of depression, anxieties, or other behavioral issues, contact us TODAY at our Springfield or Dublin locations.

We are here to listen

If you find yourself down in the dumps or experiencing some form of conflict in your marriage or family, we can help. Don't let the conflicts grow into something worse. We offer day time and night time appointments to fit your schedule.

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We do not accept insurance. All counseling services are based upon a sliding fee scale which is based on

your income.

Daytime and nighttime appointments are available.